About me and my AntennaFix website

About me

I’ve always had a fascination for technology, and this fascination has led to many hours of tinkering with software and hardware at home. Like a lot of people, I’m largely a self-taught technologist. Through a DIY process of trial and error, I’ve developed my computing, technology and engineering skills to produce a number of inventions for myself and others. Probably my most well-known creation is Find Minder, a tool that uses GPS and antenna technology, which I developed while working in search and rescue. 

My professional background

Developing technical solutions to practical problems has always been a focus for me, and many of these problems have arisen out of the environments in which I’ve worked. First as an ambulance officer based in Roxburgh, then later when I moved into search and rescue, founding the Central Otago Land Search and Rescue group in 1989. Here, I learned about the importance of communication using long-range antennae when directing teams of police and LandSAR volunteers in search and rescue operations in Central Otago. For this work, I received a Queens Service Order (QSO) in 2015.

While working as Operations Manager for the Central Otago Land Search and Rescue group, my interest in technology led to my development of the technology tool Find Minder. This invention fits into a jacket worn by search and rescue dogs and allows rescuers to locate a missing person much more quickly than would normally be the case. It uses GPS technology to transmit a long-range direction-finding signal that searchers can pick up. 

Now patented in both NZ and the US, Find Minder is a great example of what people can build using antennae technologies and the software and hardware present in their own homes. Developing the tool sharpened my knowledge of TV Antennae, FM antennas, and WiFi antennas and led to me setting up Antenna Fix. My philosophy is that with the right advice, anyone can develop their tech skills and improve their lives through greater use of technology.

Why I built this website

After building up quite a reputation in the community for my inventions, I began to field questions on IT and how to use technology to solve work problems. Over time, it became clear to me that people were looking for a place where they could find answers to their technical issues. A place where people could go for information and tips on antennae and gadgets, as well as how to introduce these new technologies into their lives. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of wasting money on a TV, FM, WiFi, and Radio Antenna for your home or RV, so I set up Antenna Fix to arm people with the information required to ensure savings in time and money. Setting up an antenna is something that anyone can do, but it often requires guidance on the finer points of the technology. That’s what Antenna Fix offers. 

What made me the expert

Because I have a long history working with antennae in the outdoors with the Central Otago Land Search and Rescue group, I understand the challenges that can come with these technologies. Although working with antennae is something that people can learn how to do, it requires the right advice. My background working on a larger scale with antennae means I have the right expertise to support the home user as they choose a TV antenna or set up a new WiFi system. We frequently come across new developments in this field that are going to improve people’s lives and save them time and money. Antenna Fix will be updated with information about these new technologies, as well as expert advice that is current and relevant for the home or business user.

You may be looking to improve the signal of your FM antenna, introduce a new WiFi system, or boost your TV antenna’s signal. Whatever your antenna needs, we offer support for this, as well as answering questions and troubleshooting your technology issues. I know from personal experience how important antenna technologies are to wider systems, and through Antenna Fix, we can share this information with a much wider audience. 

Press, testimonials and awards – qualifications

A real lifetime highlight was being awarded the QSO in 2015. Here are pictures from the ceremony where I received the award from the Governor General.

In terms of career highlights, developing Find Minder is right up there. It led to me being awarded a grant for the technology from Industry New Zealand.  

I’m also the founder of another technology based website all about smart home automation.

Adrian Dance (Snow), Founder of Antenna Fix