The best external speaker for ham radio devotees

Today I want to talk about something that every ham radio operator asks themselves in their career and that is what is best the headphone or the speakers? Let me tell you this that if you are a contester the set of headphones with the mic set is your only option but they are not always comfortable and especially for the person using it for a longer duration and on the other hand if you are the ham radio operator that uses the mic, then the speakers are the way to go. Not all the external speakers are made the same way and hence we have collected some of the best external speakers for ham radios and reviewed them for you.

Texas Ranger SRA-166FB 5-Digit Frequency and External Speaker Combination

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The Texas ranger SRA-166FB is one of the fine speakers for ham radios, as it has the 5 digits of frequency counter with the blue LED digits on it to indicate the frequency that you are tuned in. The speakers are of the best quality and are loud external speakers for your ham radio. This radio can be used for up to 10 meters with the radio as its range is up to 10 meters. This Texas ranger SRA 166FB ham radio speaker also has the CB radio with the standard 6 pin frequency counter jack on the backside of the panel. This external ham speakers form the Texas ranger also comes with the 6-foot long cable which can be used for both the external speaker wires and as the frequency counter wire, the shape of the speaker is sort of circular and the speaker is of the size 3.5 inches of diameter with 3.25 inches deep and 4.25 inches tall, this speaker also has the mounting bracket to hang it or fix it at the desired place it weighs around 1.66 pounds and this product is manufactured by the ranger communications.


  • 5 Digit Frequency Counter
  • Blue LED Digits
  • High Quality, Loud External Speaker
  • For use with CB radios
  • Standard 6pin Frequency Counter Jack on Back Panel
  • 6 Foot Cable for both External Speaker and Frequency Counter

Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker

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the next top external ham speaker on our list is the cobra HG S500 high gear CB speakers, these speakers are brought to you by the cobra. They are lightweight speakers that weigh around 1.7 pounds and this device comes in one color. This speaker works on the maximum output power capacity of 15 Watts. This cobra HG S500 speaker comes with the noise filter which reduces the noise in the sound and gives the output as clear sound, this device offers a talkback feature to give you an exceptional combination of power handling and great sound. Its rugged construction and stunning design make it durable and look good. It also has a high-quality noise cancellation feature to give you clear audio when you make an announcement, this is possible because it amplifies the sound and not the static. The talkback feature control lets you monitor your voice when you speak in it, it has 15-watt power handling capacity and it is of approx., 4 inches and has 5.5oz magnet in the speaker, the speaker has the metal mesh grill around it which makes it more durable and makes it lasts longer as it soaks the access shock if the speaker falls down or bashes in anything.  It has many small parts so it is recommended to keep it away from the children.


  • Noise cancelling speaker
  • Aluminium dust cap
  • Talk back feature
  • 15 watt max power
  • Earpiece jack

Uniden (BC15) Bearcat 15-Watt External Communications Speaker. Durable Rugged Design, Perfect for Amplifying Uniden Scanners, CB Radios, and Other Communications Receivers, Black

The excellent best external speaker for ham radio experts

The next one on the list is the Uniden bc15 speakers that are used for external communication purposes. It is a 15-watt speaker which is used for the enhancement of the audio coming from the CB radios, ham radios, scanner, etc, it is built rugged and durable to last longer and is compatible with any mobile application. When it comes to the outer appearance of the speaker, it is a two-tone black and silver faceplate radio with exceptionally good looks, along with the good looks it also has the max power capacity of 15 watts. It also has the inbuilt noise cancellation feature that will reduce the noise that is caused due to the electrical interference and this electrical interference leads to the distorted sound. This external speaker also allows the plugin of 3.5mm audio jack which can be used to insert the headphones with it, and it is compatible with all the radios, it is very easy to install it all you have to do is just search for a location to mount it. For the installation, all you have to do is plug the 10-foot speaker wire to the jack on the radio and it also helps you when your mobile two-way radio happens to be mounted in a location where it is difficult to reach then the right-angled 3.5mm plug on the speaker will easily connect it.

AOER CB Radio Scanner External Speaker HAM Radio Audio Communication Speaker EKS-3

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AOER CB radio speaker is the most liked radio as compared to others. This AERO CB radio speaker has an impedance of 4 ohms and also has the maximum hour capacity of 5 watts. When it comes to the outer appearance of the speaker it comes in black color along with the 16 feet wire. This AEOR CB radio speaker is compatible with many other types of radios such as YAESU, VERTWX, STANDARD, ICOM, KENWOOD, ham radio. These external speakers for ham radio come in the size of  5.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.7 inches dimensions and it also consists of an adjustable angle bracket of size approx. 4.5 inches in width x 2.5 inches in height x 2.25 inches in depth, this speaker weighs around 13 oz. This external speaker is compatible with your phone, ham with cable, plug, and mounting bracket. These speakers provide you with clear sound as it has low noise interference which can be caused due to the electrical interference in the signal, all this speaker does is to eliminate the excess interference in the signal and gives you amplified and clear sound. This speaker has an adjustable base and comes with a 3-meter long wire to plugin with your cell phone or ham radio and the adjustable base helps in adjusting the speakers up to 70 degrees so that the loud sound of the speaker won’t disturb you while working. This speaker is a multi-purpose speaker as it can be used for the radios as external speakers or your phone as a mini speaker it can be used as one pin two-way radio in which it can be connected with one pin walkie talkie and other devices that have 3.5mm single pin plug.


  • Max Power: 5 Watts
  • Compatible with Radio models: YAESU VERTEX STANDARD ICOM KENWOOD Radio
  • High power external speaker with cable, plug and mounting bracket.
  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Jack size: ø 3.5mm
  • Speaker Max Power: 5 Watts
  • Weight: 13oz

Pro Trucker 1000 President Style 10 Watt CB Radio Speaker with Power Cord – Black

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Pro Trucker 1000 President Style is one of the best selling external speakers for the ham radio, it is mostly preferred by the professionals when they are out of the field. It requires 10-watt power and is compatible with almost any device that has a 3.5mm of the plug. It can be used with a scanner, CB radio, ham radio, or your cell phone but it is extra loud when used with a scanner. This speaker is small in size with the dimensions of approx. 4inch x 2 inch x 4inch and weighs around 8 ounces. These external speakers come with the mounting brackets and other installation hardware which makes it easy for the user to set it up either at their home or their offices. This is made of durable material which makes its life long and the heavy-duty construction protects it from getting damaged. It has the noise cancellation feature and sound amplifier built in the device and when the sound gets amplified it does not affect the quality of the sound due to the noise cancellation feature.


  • Heavy-duty extension speaker
  • compact design
  • 10 watt power rating

Anteenna TW-08-L Type CB EXTENAL Speaker for Mobile Transceiver (CB Radio) with Swivel Bracket 10W 1.8M Cable with 3.5mm Mono L Type Plug Noise Filter Switch & Mute Switch (-8dB)

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Anteenna TW-08-l is another one in the list of best external speakers for ham radio. It gives the max power output of 10 watts and an impedance of 8 ohms, +-10% at 800 hertz, and 2.8 volts, its frequency ranges from about 250 hertz to 8000 hertz. It comes in a compact and portable size of 112mm x 92mm x 43mm that is 3 inches and weighs around 11.7 ounces. This speaker is compatible with many devices such as CB radio, ham radio and is even suitable for the mobile as its mini speakers. It comes with a cable of the length of 1.8 meters and a 3.5mm mono L type plug. this speaker has a switch for noise filter and mute feature which makes it different from the other external speakers. This speaker comes with an easy installation kit which includes swivel bracket and other required hardware’s so that it is easy for anyone even the amateurs can install it without any help.


  • Impedance of 8 Ω
  • Max Power output of 10 Watts
  • Speaker size 3 inch.
  • Noise filter switch
  • Mute switch of -8db
  • Compatible with ham radio, CB radio, mobile

Red-Fire Rectangular External Communications Speaker for Ham Radio, CB & Scanners

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These red fire external communication speakers are very flexible in their connectivity with other devices, as they can connect to the CB radios, amateur radios, two ways, police radios along with the ham radio. These red fire speakers are very compact which is 5.55 inches x 3.58 inches x 2.72 inches in dimension and can weigh around 10.8 ounces. This speaker is a high power speaker that is suitable for your ham radio all you have to do is just plug it with the cable that is present in the package of approx. 16 feet long along with the mounting brackets to install it wherever you want. These external radio speakers have the noise cancellation feature and the amplifier, this combination is the best because as the speaker amplifies the sound the noise cancellation feature eliminates all the excess noise or the disturbance due to electrical interference and gives the output of loud and clear sound. The 3 meters long cable is also provided so that you can adjust the speakers according to your convenience, this speaker is used for 1 pin two-way radio and can connect with 1 pin walkie talkie and other devices that have 3.5mm jack of single pin plug. It has an adjustable base that can be adjusted up to 70 degrees angle so that you can conveniently change its position if it is disturbing you or you want it to face some other direction.


  • Can connect to CB Radios, Amateur Radios, Two Way & Police Scanners.
  • Great Sounding and Compact
  • Durable Metal Mesh Grill
  • Includes Swivel Bracket, 3.5mm Plug and 16 feet long Cord
  • Impedance: 4 Ω
  • Max power of speaker 5 watts


From this discussion and review, we have come to know that the Texas ranger SRA 166FB is the best external speaker for ham radio as it has the LED frequency counter up to 5 digits, has noise cancellation and amplifier to give you clear sound even when it is amplified. Also read our article on touch screen car radio.