VHF marine antennas are of three types. Good, better, and best. Antennas are classified into these classes depending on what is inside the antenna whether its brass and copper or the combination of coax, brass, and copper. All brass and copper offers you great efficiency. VHF antennas radiate from base and transmit to tip. Antenna travels with the fact of the line of sight. So how you place the antenna is very important for the performance of the antenna. Antenna height should always be half of the length of the boat. Higher dB antennas are more effective in radiating power and lower dB antennas are good for vessels. Antennas made up of stainless steel, some having UV blockers, some uses heavy-duty fiberglass lasts long. The life span of an antenna is based on many things. How you take care of it? Wich grate of antenna you are using? It’s difficult to calculate the life span of the antenna. To avoid corrosion of the antennas many techniques are used. Such as applying wax on the antennas, So that antenna will function properly. When you are purchasing an antenna there is a need to know the important features of the antenna. The following are the main features you should take into consideration before purchasing the antenna.

  • Gain – How the energy is focussed indicates the gain of the antenna. High dB antennas transmit the power through the focus whereas low dB antennas provide a broad radiation pattern.
  • Loss – When you add a foot of cable, signal loss is observed. With shorter cables, signal strength is negligible while with the larger length cables signal loss is observed with every foot of the cable. When you need a larger cable, use the larger diameter cable.
  • Range – Mount antenna as high as possible to get maximum range. TO know the exact range you can calculate with this formula: Square root of the antenna’s height above water (in feet) x 1.42 = Range in Miles
  • Antenna construction – The highest quality of antennas you get which are made up of fiberglass. High-quality antennas also have UV blockers.
  • Mounting and location – Various types of mountings can be done. Such as on the vertical and horizontal surface. Also can be mounted on the mast. Mount the antenna as high as possible.

Shakespeare VHF 8 6225-R Phase III Antenna

Shakespeare VHF 8 6225-R Phase III Antenna is one of the best marine radio antenna available in the market nowadays. The antenna has a length of 8 feet and the outer conductor is silver plated. The ANtenna provides 6 decibels signal boost. Mounting the antenna is very easy. So you can take it down when you want. The cable is not included in the packaging. The ANtenna features low angle radiation which makes the signal strength maximum where it needed a lot. Antenna mounting is very easy and designed to provide more versatility. It has a very high performance and durability. Its the best marine radio antenna preferred.


  • Made from stainless steel material
  • Withstands heavy winds
  • 2-year warranty

Shakespeare 5225XT Galaxy VHF Antenna

Shakespeare 5225Xt Galaxy VHF Antenna consists of brass and copper components. They have very high sensitivity. Due to this, it provides an outstanding range of large vessels. Brass and copper elements provide maximum range and you get more efficiency. These elements are collinearly having a height of 8 feet. So this height makes it to reach over the horizon. It’s easy to cut the cable if needed. stainless steel quick connect is recommended as a connector.


  • 6 dB total gain
  • Available in black and white color
  • Get a 15 feet cable with you
  • Wave elements are collinear 5/8 inch phased

Marine VHF Antenna with ProConnect (5ft) Durable Ultra-High Grade Fiberglass Over Solid Brass

Marine VHF Antenna with ProConnect (5ft) Durable Ultra-High Grade Fiberglass Over Solid Brass is a 5 feet antenna. This antenna set up is very easy. No guarantee of the splinter. It’s very easy to install. What you have to do is? Just drill a single hole and then attach the mount which is included in it. Durable high-grade marine antennas are used to make this antenna. On the exterior of the antenna ultra good quality fiberglass is used whereas on the interior brass tubes are used. So you get quality reception and transmission over standard VHF marine channels. Antenna remains as it is for years. It’s popular for its quality. It’s one of the best marine radio antennas.


  • Provides good quality signal radiation
  • Internal tubing of brass is provided to the antenna
  • Popular for its quality

Sirio SB 3M Marine VHF Marine Antenna (156-163mhz)

Sirio SB 3M Marine VHF Marine Antenna handles harsh sea environments. Using stainless steel bracket you can position it at top of the mast. It works in the marine brand. The lower part of the marine brand is used in this. Its a unity gain antenna with an omnidirectional antenna. The material used in making the antenna is fiberglass, nylon, chromed brass height. It features DC ground perfect protection. It protects from static charges in the worst weather conditions.


  • UHF connector
  • It is having unity gain
  • It tops out at a frequency of 163 megahertz

AntennaMastsRus – Marine White AM-FM Rubber Ducky 15 Inch Antenna Kit

AntennaMastsRuss is a very easy installation. You get a clear and loud signal strength. It is having a  Shallow 1″ Mounting Space Needed – 180 Degree Swivel Base, adjusts 90 degrees in both directions  and its popular for its traditional outperform.Its has 15″ Tall Antenna. The design contains soldered connections and made using Rubber. It’s one of the best marine AM/FM radio antenna.


  • FITS: ALL MARINE APPLICATIONS, Boat, Yacht, Sailboat
  • It’s a weather-sealed antenna
  • Wrench Supplied for Adjusting

Pacific Aerials Seamaster Classic 6dB 3′ VHF Whip Antenna

Pacific Aerials Seamaster Classic Antenna is very convenient to use. If anyone wants flexibility and convenience then its the best choice for them. It can be removed and remounted as per your need. It’s very easy to install due to its hardwired cable.


  • Best for small to medium vessels
  • White in color
  • It gives you great power as compared to its size


TRAM 1620-HC 8-FT VHF MARINE ANTENNA can handle all the frequencies in the marine band. You can lie down the antenna easily due to the ratchet system. At 1500 watt antenna provides high performance having 6db gain. Packaging includes 15 feet coaxial cable. It is having heavy-duty fiberglass construction. Nylon Ratchet Mount is used for easy down. It’s one of the best boat radio antenna.


  • 250-watt power rating
  • It’s weather sealed
  • Three feet whip

Shakespeare 5101 Centennial White 8′ VHF Marine Antenna

Shakespeare 5101 Centennial White 8′ VHF Marine Antenna is the great value antenna and tall. The antenna uses brass and copper elements. Brass ferrule antenna having chrome plated also having a high gloss finish. When you think about its performance it’s great. But it also looks good. It’s highly reliable and durable. It’s very easy to use and a high-quality antenna. This antenna has a standard attachment. So packaging does not include the amount. It can easily attach to most mounts. This is one of the antennas with the best price.


  • Separate mounts available
  • Length is 8 feet
  • Radio connector is not included in the packaging

Shakespeare 5215 VHF 36-Inch Low-Profile Stainless Steel Antenna

Shakespeare 5215 VHF 36-Inch Low-Profile Stainless Steel Antenna is designed for AIS transceivers. When you think about its performance its fabulous. Its height is 36 inches. IT has a 3db gain. It is a mast-mounted antenna. For mounting the antenna stainless steel “L” bracket is best to use. SO-239 connector is used at the bottom. You don’t get coaxial cable in the packaging. You have to order it separately. This antenna works flawlessly. Also, this product provides a 2-year warranty. It’s one of the best marine radio antennas.


  • Plane polarization is vertical
  • No cable needed
  • Mast mount

Tram 1610-HC 5-Ft VHF Marine Antenna

Tram 1610-HC 5-Ft VHF Marine Antenna having 5 feet length. It provides 3 decibel gain. Packaging provides you an adapter plate which is very much convenient for sony products. Packaging also covers a 17 feet coaxial cable which is made up of sturdy fiberglass. Boaters mainly expect to use fiberglass. It covers all marine-band frequencies. Heavy-duty fiberglass is used for the construction. Its made from stainless steel hardware. For easy laydown nylon ratchet, the mount is used. It’s one of the best affordable best marine radio antennae.


  • PL-259 connector is provided
  • Sturdy fiberglass is used
  • Provides adapter plate

This is the guide of the best marine radio antennas available and preferred. You can choose the antenna according to your need. You can easily select the antenna with the help of this guide provided with all the things required.

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