Need a happy signal for your tv.???

Then I prefer that you must use an antenna rotator…!!!

First of all, what is an antenna rotator?

So let me tell you that, these devices are motorized units that attach to your TV antenna mast. But you also need some extra objects to let it function smoothly. Rotators require a second wire to run from your roof to carry power and remote control signals to the device. You also need a base unit in your house to plug into the wall and act as a receiver for your rotator’s remote control. The device rotates your TV antenna to point it toward the signal to receive the best TV signal. But, why to install these Rotators? So let me tell you that, This allows you to move the antenna toward the coordinates you need to watch your chosen programs.

Where the question is of how it works? Then let me tell you that there is a drive shift placed in it, this drive unit .with a motor inside that supports the mast and antenna and turns these.

But before installing it you must follow some safety guidelines and act as per them. You must also check the surrounding before installing it…..!!

Using this antenna rotator you can get the best reception possible from your outdoor directional antenna. This means that you can enjoy the best signal strength by using this antenna rotator. Also, you can set up up to twelve TVs from the radio stations. The memory of this antenna is programmable. And also it is automatically operated. Trust me after using this you will rarely face the problems of poor signals.! You can just sit relax and enjoy the series or movie you want to watch…!! Also, it is easy to control it, Infrared remote control allows you to fine-tune your outdoor antenna easily from inside your home for a perfect picture. Where the question is of the size, The drive unit is designed for 1.25″ diameter mast but will accommodate up to a 2″ diameter support mast. Also, it’s motor part is of metal and is very sturdy.

This is a new and improved antenna rotator with superb Mechanical Stability, also the new features are installed into it, it is its new Enhanced Brake System so that you can start as well as stop easily the rotation of the antenna, also along with sturdiness it is stylish it has its new Gray Color which is Powder-Coated. Also it as a Heavy Duty Rotator Motor, along with it it is equipped with the Precision Cut Gear System, also for its long-lasting capacity, it has the Built-in Steel Thrust Bearings and Easy Push Tab Wire Connections. Also, the safety measures are kept under consideration. The new improvements in the Control Unit do its Updated Physical Design, Flush-Mount Front Panel Buttons, Enhanced Position Reliability, Blue LED Display, Integrated Power Supply. Also, it has a non-Volatile Memory Holds Locations During Power Failures. There’s nothing much hectic about the assemblance it has Automatic Synchronization Ensures Pinpoint Position Accuracy and Directional Access Control Via TV Channel Number or Digital Compass Location. Also, it Includes Infra-Red Remote Control which makes work easier.

So we saw the two best antenna rotators ..!! Now let us have a look at the advantages of these antenna rotators. The first advantage is that it Rotates your antenna to pick up local stations in any direction. This means more healthy is your signal. Next, I that it is very simple and convenient to operate. You need not worry much about the handling. Also, there is an alternative to buying separate antennas and combining them.

Guidelines for Installation of Antenna

The rotator cables thickness. The thickness of this cable must vary depending on the length needed to connect the control and drive units. For cable runs up to 150 or 180 feet, you’ll need 20 AWG wire. Also, you require a support mast for the drive unit. This support mast should be of the appropriate weight-bearing size. You’ll need such a support mast if you’re not mounting the drive unit inside a tower. Also, you need the U-bolts and mounting clamps these are important for securing the antenna to the support mast. These will be supplied with the rotator. You need not buy them separately. Also, cable ties, electrical tape, or standoff insulators are necessary. These are for securing both the antenna coax and rotator cable.

Sealants are also required but these can be kept as optional. You may need to apply a sealant to the drive unit and cables to weatherproof connections.

Thrust bearing and guy wires are also must they provide extra support to f the antenna mast. Also, you need a compass for orienting the antenna and drive unit.

But also there are some disadvantages to these antenna rotators…!!

So let us have a look at them too..!!

First thing is that it orients the antenna towards the same station for all connected televisions in a household. And the second thing is that if we are recording using a DVR, you should ensure your antenna is already facing the station before recording or else the whole content will be lost. Also, the next flaw is that it is not 

synchronized with your TV or other entertainment devices ⁠ you must scan for channels independently of the rotator.

The next thing I’m going to tell you is about waterproofing the Rotators. Yes, you’ll need to do it because if not so your antennas may be severely damaged. The first thing you need to do is to check the drive unit and cable connections to make sure these are waterproofed. Also, you must particularly verify the connections of the rotator cable wires in the drive unit. And the last thing is that The grommet through which the rotator cable passes on the drive unit must be properly sealed.


So the only thing I need to tell you once again is thy you must be careful while installing it. Rest everything is fine with these products. Also, have a look at our latest blog on network cable tester.