Even though we have upgraded to wireless communications, we still have to go a long way to turn completely wireless. In our day to day life, every single person deals with the different types of cables and their setups, let it be at our homes or the large scale MNC’s. The offices have complicated setups for their PC connections, and there is no way we can afford to make mistakes in such cases. To avoid such a problem, cable testers are used. Such devices are helpful to the professionals, to set up their network cables. The device not only checks the connections but it also tests the strength and connectivity of a cable. Many devices check only a particular type of network cables but some devices can test the various types of cables. The network cable tester device also tests the whole wired assembly of cables. The multiple usages of the network cable tester are that a cable tester device can test if the cable or wires are set up correctly? Are they connected properly? And whether the strength of the signals is weak or strong for the communication between source and destination. As the network cable transfers the data from one place to another then it is necessary to check the connection of the cable. While setting up the cable it is necessary to check the network strength of the signal, if the data that is being transmitted does not have any external noises that can affect the data or cause the loss of data during the transfer of signal due to the improper connections of the cable or the cable quality. The network cable tester makes sure that the connections and the cables are all good to work properly. The network cable tester works by sending the signal from one end to another and this is the message which is made to travel through the cable. The other piece of the tester is connected to the other end of the network cable. The signal sent through the cable is bounced back so that the network cable tester device can test it. Even though it is used by an unskilled non-technical person to check or test his or her household network cables as the device is not that complicated and easy to use.

Wire Tracker, ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Line Finder Multifunction Wire Tracker Toner Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester

ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester is a multi-functional handheld cable testing tool. It works perfectly when it is on power, has a wide application with augmented cable types that has multiple functions. The main thing is that it is one of the most important tools used for testing in telecom engineering and network maintenance engineer. It needs a temperature of 0 to 40-degree Celcius and a maximum 80% relative humidity is allowed while using it for better working of the network cable tester. Its storage temperature can vary from -10 to 50-degree celsius with the maximum percentage of relative humidity at 80 percent. It can work at an altitude of fewer than 2000 meters and its anti-explosion rating is IP40. It can emit a signal from a distance of 300 meters and has an emitter battery of 6F 22/9V and receiver battery of 6F 22/9V which you will have to get Separately as it is not included in the package. The product weighs around 0.180 kg and its size is up to 7.87 x 1.57 x 1.18 inches. The whole package contains 1  FWT11 Emitter, 1 FWT11 Receiver, 1 RJ11 with Clip Adapter Cable, 1 RJ45 Adapter Cable and 1 User Manual. It can be used for education purposes, home appliances, in industry, market, etc. There are some precautions to be taken care of and those are, you must not use it on a line with a strong current, remove the battery when you don’t use it, do not use it when it is lightning outside and store it in a dustproof place with no moisture around. It is a professional wire tracker that can help you find the target line in many pairs fast. It is better for tracking RJ45 internet cable, RJ11 telephone lines and other metal wires with low electricity flow.  To check how it works, plug one side of the cable into the emitter and the other side into the receiver. For the wire tracking, it can trace not only Ethernet LAN wires, but also electrical and speaker wires when connecting to the alligator clip. Keep the power off during the connection or it will damage the unit.

ViNet Network Cable Tester RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 UTP Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a Cat 7 Cable Tester

Network Cable Tester tool can test the wires like RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, UTP, and LAN Cable. This network tester keeps the working of your network easy and smooth as it tests the cables and tells us whether there is a problem like shorts, open wires, crossing pairs, etc.  It can also be used for the ethernet patch cables of your house so that you get to know whether there is a problem in the connection or not. It also tests RJ45 cables, RJ11 telephone cables, and network cables and works on a 9-volt battery which you will have to buy Seperatly as the package does not include the batteries in it. Anyone can use it as it has the LED display which indicates the problem and its small portable size makes it convenient for the user to check their cables and connections. It’s basic looks and specifications are: it has a CAT5e cable type and is white, weighs around 0.282 ounces and its size is up to a 1000 feet. It has 9 LED lights to indicate the wiring connections on both the remote and the master unit. It has a built-in power switch for power saving purposes. It comes in a size of 100 x 100 x 25 mm and the whole package consists of 1 Network Cable Tester RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Cat5, and CAT5E. It verifies cable continuity, open cable, short and crosses wire pair form up to 1000 feet with the remote kit.

Network Cable Tester, AT278 NF-8601S TDR Multi-Functional LCD Wire Tracker for RJ45

The network cable tester AT278 NF-8601S TDR is a multi-functional LCD wire tracker that can trace or test the wires as follows: RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cable, PING/POE Cables. The main function of this device is that it can measure the length of the cable and display the distance of the wire up to the fault, whether the wire is open or short at any spot or multiple spots and also shows the graphical mapping of the wire. It also identifies the presence of PoE and detects the voltage of the wire and used to test the network performance, minimum and maximum time and the data packet. It has a tone trace cable that resists the Ac interference on the common switch and the PoE switch. This is the much more effective and accurate device that traces the default in the cables available in the market. The hub blink in it is used to locate the network port by flashing the portlight on the server port or you can say the hub, router, switch port, wherever the problem is you can check. It consists of a lithium battery that is rechargeable and consists of the TF card that is used to export the data to pc and the voltage detector of 90 to 1000v is included in the receiver.

Klein Tools VDV526-052 LAN Scout Jr. Network Tester/Continuity Tester

Klein tools VDV526-052 LAN scout Jr. network cable tester is used to test the network cable and also tests the continuity for RJ45 data cable twisted pair connections. It also displays the wire map and is easy to use, you can also use the device for the house purpose all you have to do is just go through the guide once and you will get your hands on it once you use it a few times. If you are using it for your house or domestic purpose then it can save you a lot of money which you spend on the electricians or the cable technicians and it is also compact so that it will be easier for you to store it anywhere and it will take up very less space. It consists of the dual function button that operates the test function and tone the generator. Its large display makes it easy for you to identify the fault and has a rubber molding which gives you the comfort in holding while you use it along with the self-storing remote. The weight of the device is around 4 ounces and its size dimensions are 4.6 x 2.2 x 1 inch. It uses the 4 LR44 batteries which are included along with the device. the device is black and yellow in color and comes with a nylon pouch to carry it around. The battery cell type used in this is a lithium-Ion battery and the average battery life is 15000 hours.

Zoostliss Network Cable Tester RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 UTP LAN Cable Tester Networking Tool

Zoostliss network cable tester is capable of testing cables like RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, UTP and LAN cable. These devices keep the network always ready and available for you as it tests the cables and makes sure that there is no defect in the network cables. This device recovers the fault or detects the faults such as whether there are any shorts in the cables or the network wires are left open or let it be the crossing of wires and the rest of the other problems networking cable faces. It can also be used for the testing of the domestic Ethernet cables so that you can check if there are any network cable issues or not rather than spending the money on the cable technicians every time you face a problem this could be an easy and effective way to solve your problems yourself without spending much of your money. Even before installing these network cables you can also test them so that you make sure that you haven’t purchased any defective wires/ cables for your house network setup. It can test cables such as RJ45, telephone cable RJ11, and network cables, etc. This network cable tester device requires 9 volts battery to work, but this battery is not included in the package. Anyone can use it as it is simple to use you just have to use it a few times and then you will get all the necessary details to use it on your own. It has an LED display which shows what is the problem with the cables and you can use it by carrying it around with you as it is portable and handy. It weighs around 4.4 ounces.

iMBAPrice – RJ45 Network Cable Tester

iMBAPrice is a network cable tester that tests the cable such as  RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, CAT5, CAT6, CAT7, and UTP wires. Its functionality is that it can check the continuity of the cable, checks if the wire is open, shorted or crossed wired. It has the LED display which shows the defect of the network cables so that you can correct it. It has a state testing of 2 wire which does the following work that is, detecting of line direct current, anode and cathode determining. It gives you a ringing signal when finding open wire, short in a wire and cross circuit testing. It detects the defects in the cable such as RJ11 which is a telephone cable and RJ45 LAN cable. It can also detect the flaws in your connectors like ethernet cat 5, ethernet cat 5e, ethernet cat 6, ethernet cat 7, RJ11 6P and RJ45 8P.  The basic details of the device are that it has the cable type CAT6 and has the components like network tester and some add on parts, the network cable tester is made up of ABS plastic.

Klein Tools VDV501-823 Cable Tester

Klein Tools is a very famous brand in the market they make various types of tool belts and other accessories in the market and the network cable tester is another product from the Klein company and the manufacturers provides you with the kit that includes 1 scout pro and 2 testers along with 1 self-storing remote, 5 LANmap RJ45 location remotes, 5 coax map F connector location remotes, 1 coax barrel F adapter a manual to guide you with this device and a 9-volt battery. The device gives you the voltage warning, shield detection, automatic power off, indicator when the battery is low and a self-storing remote. It can test the voice of RJ11/12, the data of RJ45 and the video of the coax connection for F connector. To identify the cable runs it uses the 5 LAN map nad 5 coax map location remote. It conducts the test for open wire, short wire, cross-connection or the split pair fault.

Network Cable Tester AT226-C Multi-functional LCD For RJ45, RJ11, BNC, Metal Cable

Network Cable Tester AT226-C is a  multi-functional network cable tester that can check the faults in the LCD For RJ45, RJ11, BNC, metal cable, PING/POE Tracker NF-8601W. Now some detailed explanation about the device is that the PoE function identifies the pins that provide the power and how much voltage is passing through it. the ping function is used in this device to test the performance of the network and whether there is any problem in the signals or the working of the network,  tests the data packet and min and max time. In AC filter the tone trace cable completely rejects the AC interference. Hub link is for locating the network port and this is done by flashing the light on Hub or switch and its additional benefits for you is the TF  function to import and export the data information form the computer i.e., 160 sets, text format. In short, it has Poe ping testing. It traces the targeted cable that is defected or causes trouble in the network. There is no need for the receiver as the port flash easily helps in getting the LAN cable visually. It can measure the cable length accurately and has a voltage detection function, has 8 remotes that help in improving the work efficiency and has the memory and storage facility so that you can directly upload the data from our personal computer. It has a built-in lithium battery so that you don’t have to purchase it from outside and has a color screen to display the information.