Here CB stands for citizens band. CB radio antenna is used on vehicles for unbreakable signals. This CB radio antenna is designed for two things like for receives radio frequency signals then convert it to electrical signals and the antenna has a radiate radio frequency signals, the length of antenna matches with the wavelength of the transmitted radiofrequency.


Wavelenght= 984/Frequency in MHZ

Nowadays people preferring a fraction of wavelengths of 1/2,5/8, 1/4 and 1/8 are commonly used wavelength in antennas. And 1/4 is most commonly used as it has a hight of 8 to 10 feet so you can use it on your car or truck for better signals.

The problem with CB antenna is it has 40 or more than that channels on CB modem and each channel has different frequencies. It is not possible to have a separate antenna for each frequency and this problem is solved by compromising in the design of antenna by picking a frequency in the middle of spreading and choosing the proper length of the antenna. Every antenna has its own impedance. As it undergoes the ideal condition of a perfect match of the impedance of line and antenna and 100 percent of electrical signals are sent to the antenna is converted to radio energy and gets into the atmosphere. If there is some difficulty in achieving ideal condition than signals are reflected back to feed-line.

Importance of CB radio antenna:-

Your CB radio can’t work properly without the CB radio antenna. You need a proper CB radio antenna for your vehicles so you can get signals without any disturbance. You should note different wattage ratings. This wattage shows how much your antenna can handle. It has a certain limit of 4 watts it cant be to go beyond this limit.

Type of Cb radio antenna:-

There are three types of CB radio antenna

  1. Fiberglass antenna.
  2. whip antenna.
  3. Base station antenna.

The most preferable antenna is fiberglass antenna, It has fiberglass poles wrapped with a copper wired and has protection covering. Fiberglass CB radio antenna is the cheapest antenna. This type of antenna can be mounted lower on any vehicle.

Whip antennas are center loaded antenna with long steel whip that also can be taken down when it is not in use. It is a magnetic antenna mostly drivers use. This type of antenna should be mounted on top of vehicles.

The base station antenna is taller than any other antenna. It can be made if aluminum or fiberglass. It can be 12 to 18 feet. It is mounted on the station, not mobility used. It should be mounted on a high level so it can handle high power.

How to choose CB radio antenna

As taller the antenna it is better but as we have to choose per our requirements and comfort. It has a better range of distance as you increase its hight. The ideal wavelength is 1/4. That is approximately 8 feet tall and it is best for portable antennas for CB radio in vehicles. So coiled antenna is used it has the same 1/4 wavelength with less hight so you can conveniently park in garage or shades. Mounting of the antenna is also an important factor like magnetic mounting or screw mounting. Most of the drivers prefer magnetic mounting of there antenna. You have other options like ball mounting or heavy spring. Many antennae have a whip that can be tie-down when it is not in use. For ideal CB antenna go for 1-2 miles of range for each foot of antenna.

  • This CB radio antenna is 14 inches long. It has a magnetic base with U-cable.
  • The best antenna for CB radio.
  • It has equipment like BNC to SO-239 adaptor, Connector for CB radio to connect with the antenna in your car.
  • Extremely easy to install on top of the roof of any vehicle and you will get signals without any interruption.
  • It has U- cable to you can adjust the position of antenna for better signals.
  • It is a warranty product.
  • It is 19.69 inches long CB radio antenna.
  • It has a dual helical whip.
  • The best CB radio antenna.
  • The bandwidth of the channel is 800 KHZ/80 ch.
  • This CB radio antenna has magnetic mounting.
  • It has an impedance of 50 ohms.
  • It has a frequency under 26-28 MHZ.
  • It covers all CB radio frequencies.
  • The best CB radio antenna for the vehicles.
  • As it is a CB antenna kit it includes magnetic mount, a shock string, a stainless steel whip, and 17ft cable.
  • It is 2 feet long CB radio antenna.
  • Note:- It has harmful chemical cause cancer.
  • This CB radio antenna is 28 inches long for a better range.
  • It is the best CB radio antenna with long hight and better signals.
  • It has a magnetic base for mounting with heavy-duty.
  • It comes with a 10ft coaxial cable for pre-installation and stainless steel whip.
  • It covers all radio frequencies and it has the capability of the weather channel.
  • It gives you a 12 months warranty.
  • This CB radio antenna is 2 feet long.
  • It has a 1000 watt rating.
  • It is the best CB radio antenna as it has an anti-breakable design.
  • It gives you the desired amount of power with factory tunned up to 26000 to29500 MHZ.
  • It is made of fiberglass with a nickel-plated brass ferrule for longlasting.
  • This product is durable and high-quality materials used.
  • It has 5 inches shaft for better signals.
  • It has a wide range of frequency 26MHZ to 30 MHZ.
  • This product has a shaft and a stainless steel whip.
  • It increases power handling by a large coil housing.
  • The durable and heavy-duty product that makes it the best CB antenna.
  • It has been rated at 3500 watts.


CB radio antenna is a very useful device as it comes to portable CB radio. There is some best CB radio antenna you can get to better your radio signals and your experience while traveling.